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E-Scope Amplified Stethoscope - Belt Clip Model
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by Cardionics

    Designed for use by people with standard hearing in noisy environments

    Recommended for use by those with Mild, unaided hearing loss or with Open-Fit style hearing aids which do not fill the ear canal

  • Audio output jack allows for use with headset (see Related Products below)
  • Runs on one AAA battery
  • Automatic 2 minute shut off preserves battery life
  • Separate Pumonary and Cardiac frequency filters for improved clarity
  • Adult, pediatric, and infant bells and diaphrams included
  • Please note: Most hearing aids and CI processors are not sensitive to the low frequencies associated with heart and lung sounds and can interfere with the performance of the stethoscope
  • One year warranty

Tips for use with hearing aids and cochlear implant processors:

  • Speech programs in hearing devices rarely go below 250Hz. Most cardiac and pulmonary diagnostic sounds are far below that. As a result, most hearing devices cannot be used for diagnostic purposes. Consult your audiologist to see if your hearing devices can be adjusted for greater sensitivity
  • For specific programming information, click here (pdf format)
    For information on CI mapping, click here (pdf format) and click here (pdf format)
  • People using open fit or RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aids may benefit from the headset amplification if their natural hearing is sensitive to low frequencies
  • Telecoils and direct audio input cords are dependent on the sensitivity of the programming in the hearing device (see informational links above)

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